[Sách] Digger Alison. IGCSE English as a Second Language


IGCSE English as a Second Language contains material specifically related to the examination offered by University of Cambridge International Examinations and aims to help students improve their answers and overall grade. Its clear explanations and extensive use of examples also make it extremely useful for students preparing for other advanced exams, such as First Certificate in English (FCE), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and IGCSE First Language English. Units on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking cover the exam, with further examination hints extending the coverage. A strong emphasis on writing skills. Ways of producing the different types of writing specified in the syllabus, including letters, magazine articles, book reviews and summaries, are introduced using step-by-step examples. Attention is given to the importance of style and content, together with accuracy and the correct use of different registers. Writing sections include examiner comments on answers to past exam questions written by students. Common errors made by students are highlighted, with advice on how to correct them. Relevant grammar points are explained in easy-to-understand language, and are supported by exam-related examples. Ideas connected to exam themes, together with associated vocabulary, are developed in a topic-related database which also provides relevant cultural information.